by purchasing your registration key, you AGREE the following:

- you are going to acquire a registration key for SR 3D Builder with Animation Console* software
- you know that the application is still in development and may have some bugs or flaws
- you will receive your registration key via email after some days you purchase it (not instantly)
- your payment will not be refundable after the registration key has been sent**
- the support for the application could only be made via email or via support forum
- you are the only person authorized to use your registration key with up to 3 PCs
- you need an internet connection to activate and use the application since it monthly checks for authorization with  
  the registration server
- in case of proved illegal distribution of your registration code, the authorization to use it with the application could
  and will be revoked

- your registration is valid for next two (2) years after version 1.0 will be release so, if version 1.0 will be release for
  example on June 2013, you will be authorized to download any updated release of SR 3D Builder with Animation
* for next 2 years (up to June 2015)
- Version 1.0 will include at least (but not only) the following additional features:
   . some basic support for hydraulic
   . export for pov-ray rendering

( warning: case sensitive )

* Another more advanced application version will be probably available much more later, including tools for creating time based animation sequences, minifig animation and models interactions (like a minifig can walk, run, take a sword and fight or take a cup and drink).
That new application version is NOT considered an UPDATE and will not be included in the authorized downloads. Anyway, registering now, you will be able to get that new version with a convenient discount.
** In case of refund, the amount will eventually exclude paypal taxation for both sides (about 3€ less)