Previous versions

Version - Changes to previous version

- Support for double gear driven quad hinges
- Big preview of selecting part in toolbox over color selection panel. If you are annoyed by this, rename the
  c:\lDraw\Image_L folder to something else
- Some warning during time consuming operation
- Latest parts definition (official and/or unofficial)
- Some issues in determining solidal moving parts among non solid connected parts (like some complex
  techinc structures)
- Many (but not all) bugs in hinges movements. Still needs work for multiple quads
- More fixes in detection of solid connected parts
- Saving models imported from other formats like .mpd now correctly fix file name extension to .L3B
- Loading huge model is now a bit faster
- Optimized algorithm when selecting part(s) in huge model
- Optimized AutoOrient algorithm to privilege Pins connection agains Axle connection. Now, when connecting
  two beams putting in the order 1 Beam, a pin and an axle, the second beam, this will correct snap to pin
- Use DenseConnection is now a three-state condition: Inactive/Active/Locked. In Active mode application will
  uses dense connection only for currently adding selection. Also axles now obey to dense/sparse connections
- More detailed algorithm to filter out precolored parts

NOTE: not all new released parts have been fixed about connections. Be patient... I need help about this

Version - Changes to previous version

(just some "vapor-ware")
- Drag and Drop features for opening files
- Tracking color while hovering with mouse on them
- Ability to show only current model used colors (switching between used and all colors with Right Mouse
  Button over a color)
- Ability to fade out fixed parts in animation to show mechanic functionality using 'T'-Key and 'Opacity' bar on
  top right of the button toolbar
- Some gears won’t work with new small differential
- When start building new model without loading an existing one before, both information messages on
  status bar or Tire Manager don't work
- At the first start of the application, if an existing installation of the part library already exist in the default
  C:\lDraw folder and you specify a different path for SR3DBuilder part library, then application loops while not
  finding some files and you cannot fix the problem
- Shortcut for launching the application now has the correct description
- When multiple hinges movement in quads stop due to exceeding length, resuming movement in the
  opposite direction cause part misalignment
- Sometimes some single connection parts result not connected at all
- In technic modern models some parts are not recognized as fixed connected causing general animation
  malfunctioning (still need some works)
- AutoOrient and DenseConnection buttons has been replaced with icons

Version - Changes to previous version

- THE MANUAL !!! (actually needs an update). It's a really basic manual allowing users to start using the
  application. Available in English and Holland. If anyone want to translate in other language, let me know!!
- The 'Tire Manager' to quick find the correct tire for the selected wheel (thanks to French community). To use
   it, right click on an already added wheel and choose the relative option from menu. A list of available tire is
   shown in the toolbox
- Support for mounting some treads on gears (tread animation still not supported)
- Support for many new parts like new universal joint and differential (still not for racks and actuators)
- Updated support for latest released lDraw colors based on LDConfig.ldr showing color names
- Studded pins when connected to technical bricks won't allow correct connections
- Quadrilater deformation based on hinges now works fine (MUST see shuttle video!). Quadrilater sharing one
  or more sides are still not supported
- Many hinges with no studs connection wont allow hinge detection
- Graphics setup in preferences dialog box now saves and loads correctly
- Some description in help dialog
- Duplicated connections may cause index boundaries violation and crash application
- Even more fixes around Connection Solver
- Fine movement in rising/lowering parts sometime fails to move
- Even if a normal user will not find any difference, the whole animation engine has been rewritten to
  allow correct manipulation of quadrilaters deformation in congiunction with gears (still not with racks)
- Reduced AutoOrient detection range allows less part reorient while moving
- Try to exclude Hard Colored part are no longer listed in Part Toolbox (even if they are still loaded if included
  in loading models)
- "Moved parts" are substituted by new ones when saving model
- Hinge movement now takes place starting from the nearest hinges to the part selected. While model is in its
  original position, you can choose the rotation axle with mouse
- In hinge solver, you can now choose with the mouse the axles on which to rotate parts
- While in hinge mode, if two connections can connect, the parts became surrounded by yellow boundaries
- Official parts in toolbox have now black background while unofficial are greyed
- Parts and connection database updated accordlying to the latest lDraw releases
Known Issues
- In some cases where parallel hinges occurs, one of them don't currently correctly moves

Version - Changes to previous version
- Support for quadrilaters deformation and steering (basic support, still buggy). Enable this feature in
   Preference.Connection dialog box for testing purpose (thanks to all contributors)
- Support for Minifig connectivity and management. Building and positioning actors has never been so easy
- Now graphics requirements are lower: you need a 1.1 vertex and pixel shader suppor to run application. In
  option dialog box you can now choose to disable antialiasing to get a 20-70% boost in graphics performance
  (me myself get astonished about it)
- Saving model will now save your viewpoint
Application should now work on 64bit environment : thanks to Chris Wundram
- Minimizing or resizing SR 3D Builder windows application no longer crash it (IT WAS TIME !!!)
- Fixed Connection creation and detections causes some slopes crashing application
- Other changes in Connection Solver
- Some missing connection when "Cancel Operation" is selected (pressing ESC)
- Part tracking is now even more faster and should no longer crash application with huge models
- Help Dialog box now shows correct keys for rotating parts
- While in Mirror Building, when loading new part, program instantly checks for connection overlapping; 
   other small fixes
- Some user interface issues about button flags updates
- A lot of parts patched about connections expecially for minifigs, doors and windows
- Quick search panes have some more options expecially for Minifigs
- Added some more features in Option dialog box
- Updated Parts and Image libraries (hundreds of patches)

Version - Changes to previous version
Some small but important updates:
- Better color management for asseblies (doors and windows)
- Fixed non bounding box for selected parts
- Fixed some other small issues

Version - Changes to previous version
- Nothing new but latest lDraw Part Update dated 2009/02/15
- Fixed rotation centre when more than one brick is selected
- Fixed mirrored part rotation disalignement
- Fixed some single connected parts don't correctly connect to other parts
- Fixed connection solver algorithm
- Many fixed in connection interaction
- Some parts patched about connections

Version - Changes to previous version
- Mirror Building NEW FEATURE is an exclusive functionality allowing really fast building for simmetric models
  Place your mirror/symmetric plane and build just half of your model. Application automatically place the
  mirrored part for you. ... and automatically suspend/resume functionality when mirrored parts overlap!!
- Currently still fixing mirror part listing, but for general categories everything should be OK
- Position Mirror Plane like any other parts (please avoid combining rotation axles). While positioning you can
   use SH + Mouse Wheel to change its size
- Added SaveAs option
- Fixed bug about duplicate connection that lead application to crash
- Fixed some button availability management in the user interface
- Fixed some startup program crashes. Now it should work for everybody having minimum sysreq. If you have
   any startup problem, please Download and run the Debug version of the application for a bug analysis
- Some transparent connections no longer hide studs and backstuds
- Some parts patched about connections

Version - Changes to previous version
- Hinge management for '4-4cyls.dat' part sized 4 automatic add Hinges connection for most those subparts
- Added a '+' simbol in Quick Search panel indicating more option available
- Added a 'Boat' category in category list
- Part definition update: added 220 new parts
- Undo/Redo should not crash anymore and performance are now better (but please wait during operation)
- Added progress bar management for time consuming operations
- Bug fixed in merging group cause application to crash
- Fixed bug in duplicated parts finder
- Fixed Housing category selection
Please, avoid making selections during undo/redo operations
- Drastically improved startup time. Now required images are loaded on first access only so you have to wait
  a few seconds only first time you access a category or perform a huge search
- Part number search now requires '*' prefix

Version - Changes to previous version
- Connection solver for cardanic joint
- Support for double cardanic joint
- Connection solver now use a deeper mobility grade in trying to solve connections
- Switch for dense/sparse connection in axles: sparse connection allows a quick positioning for gears on axles
  and for axles in holes
- Display connection
- Connection solver bugs
- Cardanic joint and gears bugs
- In user interface you can now choose to display only a subset of the whole category list based on your
  model type
- Added a Quick Search for commonly used search in brick description.
  Pressing right mouse button cause a possible second search panel to
  be displayed

Version - Changes to previous version
- Fixed AutoOrient bug (in some cases wasn't working)
- AutoOrient performs now in 2 steps: in normal mode just align connections, used with ALT key performs a
  full alignment of two bricks
- Fixed some bugs in new gear movement algorithms
- Fixed rotation axis display in hinge movements
- Fixed bug in connection detection
- Fixed annoying save changes messages
- Fixed Part selection showing (was showing some unofficial part instead of official ones)
- Better lighting algorithm in rendering
- About 100 new part fixed (most wheels and tyres)
- Unofficial parts have now pink background color in selection tool
- Removed limitation of 8.3 filename.extension file format (inherited from DOS)
- Includes latest lDraw part library update (2008-1)

Version  - Changes to previous version
... and finally, here it is: the long awaited new version of my application.
This is a list of main changes/improvement:

- Fully rewritten hinges movement management
- Fully rewritten gear movement management
- Fully rewritten and improved Connection Solver routines
- Rotations in HingeMode now snap to connection for clicked brick
- Both Connection Solver and rotation in HingeMode now perform connections
- Improved performance and bug fix in AutoOrient feature
- Brick tracking now shows also nearest connection (useful in connection solver)
- Added the Save Changes check
- Some changes/added to user interface. Hope this will semplify use
- Closing application from windows [x] no longer crash application
- Added support for partnumber search
- Fixed support for cardanic joint
- Fixed some assemblies miss connections
- Changing selection mode whithout terminating previous operation no longer crash application

Version - Changes to previous version
- Fixed some bugs on turntables
- Fixed bugs on conic gears (new gears set)
- Fixed connection for technic category (over 150 parts fixed)
- Added basic support for cardanic joint (it works only for coaxial axles)
- Added support for "inside model color definition"
- Added support to open .L3B files from command line/file association

Version - Changes to previous version
- Better support for turntable and differentials
- Better support for hinges, but still far from being complete
- Added about 50 connection fixes
- Better general performance in rendering

Version - Changes to previous version
- Part positioning using AutoOrient is now working correctly also with axles and with vertical movement
- Added a snap to grid button to switch between free move (the default) and snap move
- Added support for
   . Screw worm
   . Technich Turntable(s) parts
   . Differentials (partial support but working)
   . Multigear parts
You need to update your connection folder to use them
- Renamed Uncertified to UNOFFICIAL folder for uncertified parts
- Fixed a huge bug: when selecting block cause application to crash in some cases

Version - Changes to previous version
- Fully rewritten and now working group management. It is now inserted in the ToolBox
- Better management of multipart parts expecially the hinged ones
- Full support for UNCERITIED parts, but they must reside in  C:\LDRAW\UNCERTIFIED folder
- Brick selection tracking and single click brick select
- MKList is no longer required by the application. If you add or remove any parts, simply delete
  from lDraw folder and the application will rebuild them including new parts
- Added some options in Preferences
- Many fixes in undo/redo
- Better algorithm for AutoOrient feature
- Preview (still not working) of Minifig editor

Version - Changes to previous version
Nothing really new. Just a lot of bugfix about Undo and AutoOrient features

Version - Changes to previous version (2008-02-22)
- Added the long awaited Undo/Redo functions (use carefully and save often)
- Added AutoOrient feature allowing brick to automatically orient accordling to their connections
(experimental version), very useful in technic models. You can disable it by clicking on the button
- Added a check preventing brick to be inserted exactly in the same position or overlapping connections
- Totally changed grid behavior: now it don't move with parts rotation making easly positioning it
- Added support for UNCERTIFIED parts (you can put all them in C:\LDRAW\UNCERTIFIED folder: application
  will search in it if the part cannot be found in C:\LDRAW\PARTS folder.
NOTICE: to allow these part to be
  correctly shown in the application, you NEED to include them in the PARTS.lst file )
- Fixed bug in multicolor brick connections
- Fixed some bugs in belt managements
- Better toolbox behavior and functionality !!!
- Better quality, less size, faster loading image database
- Other small fixes

Version - Changes to previous version (2008-01-24)
- Multicolor/multipart bricks are now fully supported. Colored studs are and won't be supported
- Added functionality to pick part(s) from model without selecting them (using CTRL+RightClick on part)
- Added functionality to rotate selection with mouse (while LMB is pressed, press RMB will rotate selection
  on Y axle blue)
- Better and faster rendering quality (+10% frame rate on some graphics card)

- Added support for mid-stud connection on top

- Other small fixes
- Fixed crash on application exit (using File.Exit)
- Added 100 more part patches

Version - Changes to previous version (2008-01-14)
- Fixed a Bug in Belt generator that won't allow creation of first belt
- Fixed Bug in multicolor/multipart bricks
- Added support for frictioned connectors
- A little change in the user interface to avoid selecting more bricks when fine moving. Now use SHIFT key for
- Added some new brick patches (about 100) expecially for slopes
- Other small fixes

Version - Changes to previous version (2008-01-08)
- Fixed stdole installation bug (FINALLY!)
- Added a belt generator with real connection support (it works on the same basis of hinge solver do)
- Rewritten and semplified user interface (look at help window)
- Fixed more bugs in grid rotations
- Added support to change background and grid colors
- Added a little more part patches

Version - Changes to previous version (2007-12-21)
- Fixed (hope) a stdole installation bug
- Added support for toothed connections (not all brick)
- Fixed some bugs in grid rotations
- Fixed bug in color setting to a block
- Fixed a bug in selecting brick when a block needs to be splitted
- Added a little more part patches
- I know that is a small change to justify a new version, but without the first correction it is impossible to use
  the program at all in such cases

Version - Changes to previous version (2007-11-30)
- Fixed a bug that crash application when trying to load parts for which a preview image was not supplied
- Fixed a bug in coaxial gear connection
- Fixed a bug in gear rotation that do not allow saving new position
- Added correct management for Technic Gear 16 with Clutch
- Added a little more part patches
- I know that is a small change to justify a new version, but without the first correction it is impossible to use
  the program at all in such cases

Version - Changes to previous version (2007-11-26)
- Nothing new: just a lot of bug fixes
- Scrolling parts in Instruction Miner (IM) is now faster
- Some bug fixes in IM
- Using IM does not allow (correctly) selected parts to be moved or rotated
- When closing IM and modification takes places, it now asks to save changes
- Fixed a bug in Hinge Solver when trying solving impossible triangles
- Fixed bugs that shows in wrong way bounds of selected bricks
- In IM the table follows the selection when moving parts and selection is not lost when top or bottom is
- Changing color of multicolored bricks causes wrong colors display
- Fixed a bug that do not allow some patterned colored bricks to diplay correctly. Notice: some of them have a  
  too small distance from part to pattern resulting to 0 (zero) in my application. These parts cannot be   displayed correctly.

Version - Changes to previous version (2007-11-23)
- Additional Connection definition radically changed: this information is now stored in separate files in \lDraw\Conns folder
Added Instruction Miner functionality to allow view/review instruction sequences, change parts order, take photos and other
Selected parts are now clearly evidenced
Using middle mouse button you can move your model
Default zoom factor changed
Bug fixes in visualisation of step by step loading

Version - Changes to previous version (2007-11-08)
Fixed International setting requirement. Now program works with every setting
Fixed huge grid bugs: now repositioning should work fine
Connection Solver functionality, even if it is not so intuitive to use, but is quick and works fine
Selection movement/repositioning works better: the first selected brick is the reference for adding, connecting, rotating, adjusting all bricks in selection
Using "T" key you can make selection solid or transparent
A noticeable boost in loading big models

Version - Changes to previous version
Gear bug fixed! now everithing shoud work fine
Fixed a bug in the UI when moving bricks with keyboard
Fixed a bug when loading non-gear bricks but with 'gear' word in their descriptions
I apologize for the high number of versions of these days, but I try to fix bugs when people using the program tells me...

Version changes to previous version

More people use the program, more bugs are discovered so no real new functionality added, just some bug correction...
Full interface restyle. Hope everybody can still use it. Keyboard command are unmodified! A description of the icon function is located in the bottom of the screen.
A lot of small bugs found and corrected (hope) thanks to your notification
Added the function for take a picture of your model
You can now add a brick using space or Enter (maybe more practice then using Enter key only)

Version changes to previous version
Finally a mature version with gear support (this does not means support for racks, stearing system, pistons ..., but just GEARS!)
Here is what has been added / changed:
Support for multiple gear chains
Faster belt management (still not creation of new ones)
A really lot of bug correction in gear management and block selection
Small changes in Hinge rotation interface: now you can move your model while in Hingemode. Use only LMB to rotate hinges
Another bounch of part patched... I NEED HELP. Contact me !!

Version changes to previous version
Some correction to hinges movements and part library
Note: This is a not well tested version, but I'm so pleased to present it that I can't wait.
If having problem with it, download a previous version

Version changes to previous version
Better autopositioning system: now it works for bricks too
Faster brick search in toolbox
Bug correction when canceling operations
Another group of bricks patched

Version (current) changes to previous version

No changes to previous version. Just a big bug correction that do not allow applications to start!! I apologize for this. The new version should work.
Also I missed a fundamental part image, so you have to redownload the image database

Version changes to previous version
After the public presentation at LegoFest of Turin (Italy) I have received a lot of request for a
brick preview in the tool box, so HERE IT IS (but it costs memory and program starting time).
So, here are the news:
Brick preview in the toolbox
Ability to regenerate by your own the entire image database or add or substitute just one image (just follow the istruction carefully !!!)
Fixed a bug about grid positioning after selecting a block
Fixed various bugs about loading bricks
Another group of patched bricks added

Version changes to previous version (stable)
Rotating model can be sent out of view fixed
Better keyboard brick moving
Added support for more keyboard controls
Added some new functionality in menues (read program help) still patching bricks to work with hinges, so be patient

Version changes to previous version
Some bug fixes when editing big models
Brick positioning algorithm changed
Keyboard use improvement (NEED WORK!)
Even more p recise selection algorithm
Another block of brick fixed

Version changes to previous version
Correction to many bugs
Better selection algorithm
Added support for HINGES (rotation only)
Now I need to patch a lot of bricks to work with hinges, so be patient for next release...

changes to previous version
Correction to a huge bug when selecting bricks (I apologize for this in the previous version)
A little boost in rendering and loading time
Bezier curved brick are now treated like a single brick, no more conglomerates (NB: it does not work on MPD files now)

changes to previous version
Some bug fixes in selecting brick
Better render performance at the cost of a non transparent interface
Shader changes to allow Vertex Shader 2.0 rendering

changes to previous version
Some bug corrections
Selection interface changes
Added group selection support
Added set grid to brick option

First public release