Known issues

- Colored studs are NOT supported (and due to performance consideration won't be)
- some malformed .mpd files can slowdown loading of models
- selecting a Bezier curve brick in MPD model cause program error
- the subpart STUD5.DAT cannot be load by the application. Every part referring to it will cause an error;
  anyway there are at the moment only 3 parts of the Scala Line referencing to it
precolored parts, tipically uncertified, don't work correctly and present problems in connections and
  removing. It's higly recomended to avoid using theese parts in your models

- on some ATI graphic adapters you cannot get a correct image. Usually downloading latest Graphic Card
  drivers from manufacturing official web site will solves the problem!
- some complex hinges can lead to unpredictable results
- using animation console with towball steering system cause unpredictable result
- importing a .L3B models having hoses or tubes inside an opened one cause application crash
- importing a .L3B models inside an opened one cause missed steps in Instruction Miner