Release History - Changes to previous version (2014.08.25)

- Toolbox behavior when using scaled fonts: not perfect but at least usable
- Installation problems: when Part list is not found and it is not the first run of the application it crashes
- "Connected Selection Mode" option was no longer working correctly since last version
- Technic Axle 3L with stud now work better when the stud is inserted in a beam hole
- Trying to hinge rotate a part with sliding mobility leads to unexpected behavior

- Support for Friends figure (under Figure brick type)

- Better (faster) management of UNDO especially for Biiiiig models - Changes to previous version (2014.07.03)

- A lot of parts connection problem/missed in Technic Panels, Turntable, and other parts
- Piston Rods now should animate correctly no worry about animation starting point

- The region select tool allows you to select a portion of your model enclosed into a box.
   You can change your selection tool size by pressing the "S" key and moving the mouse or rotating mouse wheel
   Using Shift+S you perform fine size changes
   You can move the selection tool like any other part in the model to select correct parts
- The Minifig Editor is finally operative, even if it needs some work.
   You can create your minifigs with few clicks and save them into a MF library
   You can recall a saved MF
   A unique feature allows you to save MF poses into a poses library so you can easily mix your MF library with
   your saved poses (limited for unregistered users)
- Added CTRL+LeftArrow/RighArrow to easy snap move parts along axis or axis inside holes (Works with Alternate
   UI only)
- Added features to allow non Lego parts to be used and animated inside SR3DBuilder (still need some work!)

Fill free to send your minifig creation and poses. Will be added to the base library and distributed with next application release. - Changes to previous version (2014.02.14)

- Starting Mirror building with a selection do not causes selection deletetion
- Program installation now works correctly and let you choose program installation path

A lot of enhancements in selection copy. Some limitation with unregistered version.
it is recommended to look at the videos for new features instructions
- the mirror copy selection feature
- Selection can now be easily duplicate in a rectangular array region or just its perimeter
- Creation of regular polygons based on your current selection and two connection points
- Creation of star based shapes based on a selection and a center rotation point - Changes to previous version (2014.01.10)

- Small but significative issue in Linear Actuators animation
- Zooming function is now adequate to the new UI
- Some references to ~Move and/or Aliased parts where missed

- Official parts have now BLUE background, Unofficial are Violet instead
- Better (but not bigger) preview of parts
- Some flexible items and sub-parts will not be shown any longer

- The user can now choose to prefer the Official or Unofficial parts set
- Alt-MouseWheel now rise/lower model view
- Parts availability aligned to latest lDraw official release (2013.12.23) - Changes to previous version (2013.12.19)

- Parts colored in default color (ID=16) change colors when a brick is added to the same block
- Beleved gears wont work with non beleved ones when connected in parallel
- Flexible parts artifact fixed
- Changing flexible parts color now appears instantly
- Some minor issues with DrawBrickMode
- Removing and readding belts usually crash the application

- Many changes and improvement in the UI: Video will follows
- The AlternateUI mode now work with flex parts also
- The application now requires DotNet Framework 3.5 (distributed for free as windows Update for WindowsXP OS and integrated in more recent OS)

I recommend you to use the AlternativeUI as default UI and eventually turn it off when in special situation

- Support for Mindstorm cables
- Support for Power Function cables (still some little bug in the shape)
- Controls to rotate flex parts around their axles (E-D keys. Use with CTRL or SHIFT for fine rotations)
- Latest lDraw parts library available at publish time - Changes to previous version (2013.09.02)

- Flexible parts with fixed length can freeze the application
- Hinge Solver now works with 32494.dat parts: just place on their final position and select both of them with the Hinge Solver tool
- Hinge Solver now works with Universal Joint 3L in all cases
- Mirror building now works again
- Using Half pin with stud part can occasionally lead to an error
- Some gears interferences in particular mechanisms

- Support for Mindstorm EV3 parts (Thanks to Philo for this!!)
- Latest Official and Unofficial lDraw parts update - Changes to previous version (2013.07.20)


- Cannot add Ring Control to Animation Console (reasons for this small update)
- Some interferences between gears
- A bit better (but still not good) support for 32494.dat <-> 92906.dat connections: works good but still hard to
  connect - Changes to previous version (2013.06.26)


- Importing a model with assemblies in a empty model can cause application crash
- Bad Differential animations expecially when double geared. It is important that the orbital gear is placed orthogonally  to the transmission axle
- Sometimes a gear connection may interfer with a universal joint
- Importing a model causes first element of the imported group is assigned to Model (root) group
- Fixed some particular usage of PinBushes (at the cost of a some delay in solution computational of big models)
- Moving gear or bushes along a vertical axle to place them is now smoother
- Using mirror building with Alternative UI should now work
- Using AlternativeUI now predilige same alignment connections while positioning parts
- Selecting multiple parts was problematic while in AlternativeUI
- You can use the CTRL while pressing PgUp/PgDw to higher or lower selection by a 1/3 brick
- Restored the SetGridToBrick functionality
- Fixed some issues in flex part management
- Trying to change flex color when first placing it crashed the application
- Fixed an issue in quad animation in a 2x3 connection structure
- Trying to change rotation axle while in animation causes application crash
- Small Linear Actuator moving direction

- User interface setting could now be saved in the preference dialog box ONLY
- You can now select and move a flex part when using the "Select Connected" option. Clicking on a flex part for starting selection is not recommended anyway!!
- Patched parts: battery box, Medium Powerfunction Motor
- Models backup files can now be disabled
- Support for medium size pneumatic pistons
- More complicated mechanism computation are now supported like the Theo Jansen's mechanism

- Now the program pre-detects triangled undeformable structures to allow less errors in mechanism computation
- Drastically reduced part list loading time - Changes to previous version (2013.02.08)


- Drawbrickmode: Slope parts are only partially displayed
- Extra unuseful connection added to Axleholes
- Picking a brick can cause wrong group assignment
- A lot of Pneumatic parts fixed and technic parts cleanup
- Some unwanted parts keep sliding in animation
- Pin with bush was incorrectly managed causing wasting time in animation computation
- The ClearConsole button has no way to cancel the operation
- The Bump Mode option in Animation Console was not saved in model
- Application crashes when loading a model if it has a switch ring (part 6539) not connected to an control handle    used in AnimationConsole
- Restoring group view in big models can cause crash when hovering with mouse over model
- Starting an animation AnimationConsole without starting a classic animation before causes nothing to happen or application crash
- Locked Block in Animation Console was not correctly loaded from a saved model
- In animation, all parallel translation keep moving together
- Resetting animations does not reset flexible parts
- If you try to save model in the application folder you can fall into an infinite loop
- Towbar steering has a little wrong movement when used with shock absorber
- Towbar steering could hanging when mixing steer and shock absorber
- Sloped shock absorber were not having correct slide length

- Major addiction: management of some pneumatic parts
 . flexible tubes and air splitters
 . switches (input from central and exit from lateral connections only)
 . small, medium and big pump (not connected to motor)
 . small pistons only
 Pistons speed is still not correctly managed. Be patient...
- Hinge solve now can connect pneumatic pistons 
- A marker showing where DrawBrickMode starts
- Alt + mouse wheel moves selection a whole brick up/down (24 instead of 8)

- to easily connect a piston to engine cylinder do the following:
 Enable Alternative UI (by pressing <U> key)
 align piston to cylinder moving mouse and holding LMB pressed and then release it
 correct orientation by pressing keys (you cannot click the pivot arrows while in UI) to rotate piston (don't mind if piston will move following your cursor)
 hoove to the ball over the rod to connect the piston
 Easyer to do than to explain. Try it! Changes to previous version (2012.07.05)


- Some issue in the standard user interface introduced with last version
- Some issues in the new experimental UI
- Selecting a brick connected to a hidden one can cause application crash or image corruption
- Some useless connections were added on some rounded parts
- Preferences about Seams and AntiAliasing quality were not saved

- Image quality should be a bit better with a little high contrast between lighted and shadowed zones
- Some changes in determining face lighting

- U key shortcut to switch UI mode Changes to previous version (2012.06.22)


- The Save function no longer ask for filename if model already have one
- Bounding boxes around current group remains even if you get back to your model

- Extended support for Triple Ring controls in Animation console
- A new experimental way of parts displacement, a bit more like LDD one. Refer to english manul (updated
  but not up to date with application) for a brief on how it works. Not too bad in my opinion for a first try

- Some manual updated abour groups usage and the new experimental UI
- Some small adjustements in many points - Changes to previous version (2012.06.12)

A lot of new functionality added in model management this time.
You won't miss this !


- Instruction Miner should now work faster and with a lot of less bugs
- Showing/Hiding the "Model" group with no parts in it causes a crash
- Importing model causes no longer Pause Instructions lost
- Many group management bugs fixed
- AutoOrient option sometimes does not correctly aling grid

- Importing a model causes a NEW group with the model file name being created
- Some less used Selection Option are now grouped in a dropdown button
- Hierarchic hide/showing model is now faster (and safer)
- The Instruction Miner window is now resizeable

- Save a group/subgroup to model file
(registered version)
- Importing model with groups
- Analyze a single group/subgroup into Instruction Miner
- Clone a group/subgroup
(registered version)
- Allow the Instruction Miner to show only parts above your curson allowing a better model analysis
(registered version)
- Group Reference Brick to allow quick positioning/connection of a group/subgroup
- You can now move Groups and SubGroup across the Group tree
- Group tracking while hovering groups tree
- Added <CTRL-G> accelerator to show Group tree
- Select parts by shape
- Save your current selection to a new model
(registered version)
- Exporting to .DAT functionality including definition for Flex parts.
  Notice: a very big file is generated, but you can open it from lDView to create the .pov file for POV-Ray
  rendering. The flexs have BAD behavior in lDView but will render fine in PovRay

A manual update will follows in next weeks. Just the time to write it ! - Changes to previous version (2012.03.29)


- One more fix in Part Assembly management: loading a model with assemblies and adding a new one causes
  a fusion between the last present in the model and the new one
- Auto snap functions does not work at position (0,0,0)
- Adding and removing controls after loading a model already having controls can cause animation crash
- Displacement Caddy is now resizing better at least when adding new parts

- The quick search tabs for slopes and technic types have been deeply reorganized. Hope they are better...

- Enhanced Hinge solver capabilities: selecting as first part a block with extend capabilities (like a Linear
  Actuator extendible part) allows part extension and avoid rotating second selected block. Please note that
  the extensible parts will extends with no limit, also outer of fixed part. - Changes to previous version (2012.03.19)


- Many fixes in Part Assembly management
- Connections are now a bit more stable across animations

- Part patching functionality are now integrated in the standard version. Debug version of the application is
  no longer necessary

- Management for Handle/Ring Mechanism (see video) in Animation console (actually limited to 2 rings for
  each handle)
- Ability to combine and control more mechanism chains at once in the animation console
- Enhanced Hinge solver capabilities: now can change orientation of connection to make them coaxial or
  inserting a single universal joint with correct orientation between connections (see video)

Version - Changes to previous version (2012.01.22)


- Inserting a "Plate  2 x  2 with Wheel Holder Single" causes the model fail working properly
- The "Technic Gear  4 Knob" wont work properly when connected in parallel

- Nothing visible ;-)

- The long awaited support for assembling and animating Piston / Rod Mechanism (animation limited to 1
  piston/rod for unregistered users)
- Glittered colors are now selectable under "Other" color tab, even if not properly displayed in your models
- Latest lDraw parts updated (December 2011). Not all new parts have been patched anyway...

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.12.05)


- On a fresh installation the creation of a folder with a wrong name does not let the application start
- The "pin long with friction" part has problem in rotations and animations
- Closing the application with the "X" cause the application to crash
- Editing a model with assemblies and adding new ones cause wrong assemblies identifiers
- Occasionally some subparts fails to load from a previously saved model

- Linear actuators now move with in more natural way

- <CTRL-F> shortcut to put the cursor in the Search text box
- Location and resizing mode of the toolbox are now saved and restored on application startup

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.10.29)


- Trying to add item to the animation console while no animation has been set causes application crash
- Trying to animate a part with no rotation axels occasionally crash the application
- Racks sliding in animation console get wrong if the slinding plane is changed
- Trying to close the application while an animation is in place causes an error display


- You now need to press ALT with double click to instant move your selection to a new position (using CTRL
  causes a part in place where you double click being selected)
- Color palette is a bit more similar to LDD one

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.10.27)


- Support for simplified racks mechanism (where a rotation axle is coaxial to gear)
- Support for suspensions (still not the spring)
- Support for Linear Actuators
- The Animation Console that allows you to create a console with your model animations starting points and
  animating it in a 'real way'
- Support for reciprocal animation referred to a block to be cosidered fixed
NOTICE: you need to REGISTER the application to use the above new features

- Support for worms to rack connection
- Support for building with Linear Actuators and shock absorbers

- Many fixes in hinge animations: now only some unusual composed hinges should not work
- Racks slidings now limits to effective rack length
- Notification at part list rebuilding end
- Pressing Cancel when closing the application and asked to save, the application closes without saving your
- Selecting a part involved in Connection Solver cause occasionally application crash


- You now need to press CTRL with double click to instant move your selection to a new position

Quick Fix - Changes to previous version (2011.05.20)

Download Quick Fix from download page

- Long time required while loading big high quality baseplates
- Some issues in connecting and rotating universal joint
- Some issues in universal joint animations
- Used color list was not always correctly updated

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.05.16)
- you can now let a flex tube follow a "path" created with clips (Female Hinges connections)
- Italian user manual (thanks to Francesco for this)
- Occasionally model disappears just after loading
- Many missed faces in many parts and assemblies
- Some assemblies cause application crash when try loading them
- Universal joint rotation and animation now should work fine
- You were not able to change rotation angle for a part having more than one
- Some fixes in animations (but some funny errors are still there !!!)
- A lot of new patched parts thanks to user contributes
- Updated Tire Manager association (thanks to user contribution)

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.04.21)
- Standard keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste parts (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V)
- Steering system malfunctioning
- Many fixed in Instruction Miner (now safe enough)
- A lot of parts patching thanks to users contributions
- Some assemblies wont work correctly (maybe some still not)
- Switching between hires/lowres while a model is loaded causes application crash
- Some other non critical fixes and improvements

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.04.08)
- Some very basic functionality for sliding connection management. It works now with Crane parts and with
  parts wit rails. Look at the new button on toolbar for sliding animation.
-  Many part patch still needed. Help is appreciated in this direction...
- Hierarchic management of hiding/showing groups
- Big images in toolbox were not displayed
- Showing Tire Manager crash the application
- Fixing parts position after animation crash the application
- Assembly selection may occasionally miss one or more parts
- Adding new flex parts cause application crash
- After first run you need to restart the application to let the toolbox correctly show
- After working with groups hierarchy you may sometime loose some of them

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.03.22)
- Extended support for assemblies: selecting a part, the whole assembly will be selected. To select a single
  part, hold down SHIFT while selecting
- Seams among bricks to enhance model quality. Use the preferences dialog box to ch ange seams size
- A little support for model authoring under Edit menu item
- Some issues in groups (root group selection was causing some kind of malfunctioning)
- Undo/redo long time operations now correctly use progress bar indicator (low left corner)
- Hinge solver with universal joint connection now works: even if you may have to manually adjust joint
  center rotation, animation and connection are anyway granted
- Baseplate connections are now better identified
- Animating a model that involves belt translation or rotation causes belt definition being wasted after saving
  model position
- Creating a belt between pins causes belt not being correctly saved
- Better support for different font size in toolbox
- The toolbox now is resizeable and hideable (enlarge the toolbox to display additional options)
- Toolbox images now load in background: no longer time waste
- A bit startup and model loading speedup

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.01.28)
- Advanced steering system using steering bars and towball connections (SUSPENSIONS NOT YET
- Extended towball animation
- French translation of the manual (thanks to J.C. Tchang for his work)
- Some fixes in hinges with towball animations
- Flex part editing cause application crash
- Canceling operation while editing a flex now restores initial position
- Zooming to limit in or out while inverting mouse wheel crash the application
- Working with groups cause application crash. Please someone deeply test this
- Loading models save in SR3D application folder causes application crash. This is no longer allowed by the
  application. You need to manually move your saved model in an alternate folder
- Debug version of the application realigned to latest release

Version - Changes to previous version (2011.01.11)
- Flex parts animations with hinges and racks (really complex work!!)
- Latest lDraw part definition updated to 2011.01.11
- Some other fixes in hinges animations
- Part tracking was evidencing a part when it was the only having its surrounding box intercepting the mouse
  even if the mouse is not over the part
- Undo with flex parts (notice that undo only restores a deleted flex but do not reposition it)
- The whole flex engine has been rewritten and optimized to allow real time animations
- To rotate invert initial direction of a Flex part use 'Z' key

Version - Changes to previous version (2010.11.11) (MegaUpload LINK)
- Problem with selecting flexs with the 'connected part' tool
- The undo option do no correctly restore fixed lenght flexs
- Many possible flex axle starting point are not correctly detected making it unusable
- A bit less distorctions in flex axles

Version - Changes to previous version (2010.11.10)
- The ability to switch between standard user interface with free rotation, and a more common user
  interface having separate X and Y rotation axis and a fixed (not selection dependant) rotation centre
  (see preference dialog box for switching)
- Fixed length flex parts (Flex Axle, Tubes and Ribbed Hoses)
- Problem when adding a rack while having a Technic Gear 24 Tooth Clutch in your model
- Axle misalignement while connecting to angled connectors parts
- Hidden (wrong) connection detection among gears in specific positions
- Some bugs in hinges movements when parallel quad were sharing 2 rotation points (nodes)
- A bug was preventing correct import of .DAT files (MLCad file format) when having submodels
- Group management has been totally rewritten. Now support:
o Hierarchyc groups
o Layered groups
o Hide/Show groups

Version - Changes to previous version (2010.10.06)
- Flex tube connection support for many parts including pneumatic. Please note that pneumatics is still not
  implemented as animation functionality.
Also composed pneumatic parts do not have connections snap
  resulting in difficult assembly. Wait for next release...
- Flex Add-And-Continue capabilities to create long and complex flex parts
- Editing of flex parts is now more stable and comfortable. Anyway AVOID mixing selection with Flexs
- Even better initial/termination in flexible parts
- Some issues in steering system when multi steers driven by a single axle
- Added an internal defined part for ribbed hose avoiding errors when updating unofficial parts library

Version - Changes to previous version (2010.08.31)
- Importing model now works
- Mixing mode selection: you can now select, some parts and then add a 'Block' or 'Connected' selection
- Select by color functionality (useful for changing a color in your model)
- Updated Tire Manager associations (thanks to Stephan Frei for his work)
- In the Instruction Miner you can now add a Rotation Step metacommand according to your current view for
  easier integration with lPub (please test and feedback since I have not installed lPub)
- Adding instruction step(s) using Instruction Miner cause application crash when saving changes
- Better initial/termination in flexible parts
- Some issues in animanting hinges
- Racks connected parts not always follow the movements in animations
- Center joints doesn't follow other parts when rotating around a non coaxial axle
- Left + Right click for rotating selection now works again
- The Logo
- Updated the user manual, now available in German also

Version - Changes to previous version (2010.07.11)
- Support for FLEXYBLE PARTS. This is only a very basic functionality: it's really far from being complete, but it
  gives a taste of what you can do. Only support ribbed hoses and tube. Refer to video for how to use it.
NOTE: using unofficial 80.DAT part for ribbed hose WON'T WORK !!!!
- Last part added in the model was not shown in Part Inventory using Instruction Miner

Version - Changes to previous version

- Quick selection for first 20 colors used in your model. Hit number or FunctionKeys to select corresponding
  used color
- Left+Right click over the Displacement Caddy (D-Caddy) center now deselect current part or selection (the
  same as <ESC> key)
- The D-Caddy is now working better with less and annoying interference with other interface functionality
- The hinge rotation snap-to-connection functionality has been restored
- Recoloring assemblies now works better
- D-Caddy colors are no longer listed in used color box
- The Black color definition has been changed to make it a bit lighter in models

Version - Changes to previous version

- Enhanced support for
RACKS: basic steering, linear movements, triangle and quad hinged connections. This
  functionality is not fully developed and may have some bugs, but works good enough for a release. Check
  new video for a brief of its capabilities!!
- Enhanced user interface allowing using mouse for rotate and place parts in 3D model space: LeftClick on
  RGB arrows to rotate selection, RightClick on centre to add selection
- Changing rotation axles while in HingeMode may cause some parts not correctly move
- Esc and Undo/Redo operation now works significantly faster especially when selections involves a small
  amount of parts in huge technic models (up to 100% faster)
- Some small changes in the manual to reflect functionality in the application

Version - Changes to previous version

- Basic support for
RACKS: basic steering and linear solid connected movements only
- Gears linked with technic worms rotation is now correct
- A HUGE bug preventing near 200 random parts from being list in the toolbox. This is the reason of this early
- Loading a model using dense connection won't correctly work!!
- A little reordering in color palette

NOTE: not all new released parts have been fixed about connections. Be patient... I need help about this

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