A new way to create your Lego models with PC
Here are some views of the amazing graphics interface
Looking at some video worths more than 1000 words
•    NEW Minifig / Pose editor to create and manipulate Minifig in your models

    Support for PowerFunction and Mindstorm electric cables

    Improved flex part management
•    Support for Piston - Rod mechanism
•    Support for Linear Actuators and Shock Absorbers
•    Animation Console to easily create and animate your technic models
•    Towball, HINGES and GEARS SUPPORT! Take a look to the Gallery  to see what I mean
•    Connection Solver for quick connecting hinges and rotating parts
•    Support for RACKS and steering
•    Belt Generator with real connections
•    Now with GROUP management
•    New exclusive MirrorBuilding features  for quick build of symmetric models. MUST TRY !!
•    Enhanced instructions editor to easily modify the order in which bricks are loaded in your model
      and/or take photos while building
•    Complex gear driven hinges support (quadrilaters deformation and steering)

•    Great fully 3D building envinronment with reflection and transparencies
•    You will see your model during loading time and can pause for instruction steps
•    You can modify and save models (lDraw/MLCad .dat compatible format)
•    Fast selecting/moving/adding/removing you'll never see in MLCad
•    Copy/Rotation/Deletetion/Color change of single or multiple brick. Undo/Redo functionality
•    Real connections detection, not always the same near brick positioning
•    Brick selection by Block (means that solid connected bricks can be selected at once)
•    Grid positioning to speed up positioning of pieces
•    Automatic and precise positioning and orientering of most bricks according to connection detection
•    Automatic detection of rotation axles
•    You can easily load model from other known programs: it supports the following formats
•    .dat files
•    .ldr files
•    .mpd files (only a few metacommand are currently supported)

If you don't try, you won't believe!!

Future enhancements:
•    automatic animations
more to come…